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Pericardium Liberation

The basic work 

  To create an intimate and conscious communication with the organs and cells.


Different spiritual or mystical currents see this as speaking to the elements of the body.

  This is the most direct way to release the spirit/consciousness that is in the cells.

It is a process of listening and relating

which occurs through touch and deep listening

and the communication with the cells,

And from this the traumatic memories hidden in the body and mind are released.


The heart and the hand meet.


The treatment releases blockages, releases anxieties,

energetic cleaner,

Produces a renewed flow of vital energy

and healing in the body.


The heart is the emperor and the pericardium is the central guardian of the emperor

And she is the one whose traumas get stuck over the years and she

gets the brunt of the contractions and emotions that have not been processed and released,

Massaging the pericardium helps in releasing the pericardium

thus bringing about a deep release of stuck energies and emotions

  Restores life force to the body and strengthens the voice of the fire of the heart.

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About the treatment

In most cases the treatment will be on a treatment bed

It consists of touch, blessings to the
.organs and compressions on the body


A gentle touch that asks to listen to the inner movements

And not a massage as we know it.



I bless the organs with whispers -

the organs are like children and they

ask for visibility and love.

Spaces where there is less movement of energy.

~ The treatment is between an hour and an hour

     and a half

~ price for treatment 70 euros


I came to this treatment after being an art therapist for several years and accompanying man and women in movement. I knew that I was being asked to accompany women privately also through touch. I had a direction, a vision in the inner feeling of what I was looking for, I went with an image that I knew existed And I had never encountered this image before, I literally saw in my mind's eye my hands resting in certain areas and in certain ways.

and especially in the areas of the heart, The experience has already lived in me

(this is the first time. I have experienced such a thing)
As I was led to the pericardium massage therapy Because one day I saw an advertisement for a teacher named Noraya who is coming to my native country to teach a course

And in the pictures of the advertisement, her hands were placed exactly where I saw inside me before,And I immediately enrolled in studies.

Since then I have been walking this path which is a path of very deep medicine,

An ocean of gratitude to you Noraya Kalam


 my training and experience: Art therapist, the ecology of the soul, emotional orthopedics,

Cardiac massage, dance improvisation, movement biography. Watching with excitement the movements of nature with a connection to the movements of the soul.

In the visible movements to the hidden movements.

Seeks to bring fusion and connections in the world on all levels.

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״I felt that the treatment had an effect on me right from the moment of the first time,

I don't know if it's related, but my heart really opened up in life itself and wonderful things started to happen and manifest almost on a miraculous level.
Between the second and the third session there was really a feeling of transformation. I felt more of a sense of trust in life itself and my path, and the ability to connect from an inner freedom.
Important parts of my life path, my love life and the

courage to take the steps I wanted became clear to me.״



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