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Journey Through Movement

I wish to bring us on a close and intimate journey with ourselves and with life - 

A journey that allows us to meet and express our souls and spirits 

Through our dancing bodies. 

Over the years, I have developed a unique and simple set of tools 

That can help us to expand and deepen our experience of movement


We listen to the stories that rise from the body, 

And shed layers into honest and present movement 

Born from the moment and connecting between worlds – 

Revealed and hidden, still and flowing, limited and endless.


In each journey, I offer a topic drawn from the materials of our lives 

And guide directions for movement 

That help deepen our connection and listening to the wisdom of our bodies, 

Allowing each and every one of our partners on this journey. The privilege to meet and dance 

The inner fountain – ״Nevia״ – found within us all. 


This language of movement nourishes our deepest layers, connecting both body and soul 

Giving them soft, powerful, and simple expression – allowing deep intimacy with ourselves and with life, 

And bringing home lost fragments of the soul.  

Anva Goldberg

Anva Goldberg, Creator and Facilitator

“Nevia – Journey Through Movement”

After a childhood illness that left me undergoing difficult, painful treatments 

Alone in hospital beds, I experienced blackouts/emotional detachment 

That continued throughout my teenage years.

These disconnects stemmed from a lack of trust in my body

Yet over time, they were transformed into a tremendous gift:

They sent me on a quest to find ways for connecting the

different parts within me.

On this journey, I find myself present in raw and wild nature, 

Receiving inspiration for the inner processes that we all go through, 

Individually and collectively.

Over the years I learned from many good teachers from the world of movement and therapy, I deepened my studies of ethnic dance / Oriental dance / Belly dance and an impromptu dance.
While studying, experimenting and guiding, the movement language of NEVIA was formed in me
And I bring it to all who ask for it with a huge right and with great gratitude

*The word Nevia is- taken from the Hebrew language and expresses the opening from which living water begins to emerge. 

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Agape Zoe Festival in

Corfu, Greece



Window of opportunity - to join an existing and working process group.

Kiryat Tivon, Israel

Fridays (once every two weeks)


Lev hofshi studio

25 - 28.7.24

Caia tribe Festival


18 - 21.7.24


21 - 22.9.24

Agape Zoe , Berlin

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"Every dance meeting with anva brings with it a unique experience.

Deep inner connection and significant personal and movement development in every

movement journey.

I find myself in places I have never been before.

anva guidance is very present, smart, sensitive and gives a feeling of compassion

from which i can be myself and without masks.

The shells peel away from me and something very honest and real remains

And from there there is no limit to creativity in movement.

Thank you for the privilege to be part of this movement to dance in the presence and guidance

of anva. The lessons with her strengthen me a lot."



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